The Perks of Being an Interior Designer: Materials & Choices

As I write this I’m constantly thinking of my purpose in life and asking how does my everyday lives can be this boring?! You know, just a middle 20s common problem. I’m used to it now, to the point I wouldn’t get panic anymore. Things can get boring, of course! This is just a phase of life *inhale* *exhale*….right?

That’s why I think I want to re-live the moment to acknowledge even the smallest things I encounter while being a designer. The good and the bad, whatever it is just to take me back and think. I used to scroll design blogs with excitement and wide eyes! Now not anymore. Okay, maybe sometimessss haha.

I’ll tell you, being an interior design student and being a real interior designer are two different things. When I was a student I did design with the software that I used as a designer now, that’s the same thing, but the output are totally different. Back in college days we would design and build a maquette (all white and messy, because we were broke and tired), now I design a 1:1 scale building. Like, a real, real building. I remember my first work right after I graduate, still remember the tears I held when I saw my design was built. Haha these days I would just, okay, done, okay, built, okay, next project!

One of the things that kept me going as a designer is I could actually play with sooooo many materials I haven’t even seen before. MATERIALS ARE PRETTY.

When we talk about wood texture, there are actually so many types of wood textures. Is it the laminate ones? Or veneer? Or like, a real, real wood plank we harvest from the forest thatisbeautifulbutexpensiveAFwerarelyusethismaterial?

Also, remember when you ask a designer that you want some leather materials to be applied onto your furnitures, it would be very handy and effective if you could provide some specific informations about WHAT KIND of leather you actually mean. I mean, there are of course the synthetic ones or the real ones, and the smooth ones or the rough ones, or when you say you want the brown ones, WHICH BROWN? We got a bundle of leather materials that consists fifty shades of ONLY browns.

But if you’re not sure, it’s okay. That’s why I’m here.


“Ca, which white we want to apply for the kitchen’s cabinet top table?”

“Haha Ijustwrotewhitesoyoucandecideforme. Idk, pearl white? Too bland. Sand white? So tacky! Ultra white? White s–“

“Sand white would be fine.”


Pretty sure I would list all the whites if not because of my colleagues.

I know life is a series of choices, but like, my work forced me to make 50 decisions for 50 furnitures in a day. More or less. This might or might not be an exaggeration.

When we were students, though, it was verrrry hard for us to actually have a catalogue of materials. Oftentimes we would just walk around the commercial area that sells building materials. We looked for half-used tile and asked the seller if we could take the rest of it for our studio project. Not to mention the sun was shining so bright back then. God, it was so funny. We were so ugly and smelled like sun, wandering around looking for the unused glass and tiles. Now I could just open a cabinet full of catalogues.

But I think these decisions are what made a designer, a designer. You’re not a designer if you can’t make a decision, amirite? Sometimes you just decide whatever material would suit the room without too much thinking about… what would the owner’s uncle’s grandfather think about MY choice of material??!! What if their one-year-old daughter doesn’t like it?!!! As soon as I realized that I think too far I would just stop and decide. Thankfully, I know when to stop (or do I).

It’s about time, after all. I am so thankful for all of these opportunities for it lets me develop and learn when to stop and decide. Next year, perhaps, I can choose which type of wood I want to apply with eyes closed.

For now, let me just think which carpet would suit the dining room best… the beige one…. or black…

Just kidding. Working hours stop at five!

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