Rainy Season is Here!

I have a new goal and I strongly believe I could be pretty consistent doing it. The goal is to regularly write a blog! Haha let’s see, though. More on that later! Oh also that is why I’m typing and publishing this post from my phone. Just to try out the app and trying to keep my promise to myself.

To the topic, the rainy season is finally here, guys! After weeks and weeks, months and months, we got the tan line because of the unbearable heat, and wondering where the H is the rainy season, we’re here. We’re here with umbrellas and raincoats. And lots of melancholic thoughts (it’s just me) (although I ALWAYS melancholically live my life regardless the season).

What people in London wear when it’s raining. (c) Acne Studios
What Indonesians wear when it’s raining. Haha not really, though?? Not this fancy! Also I just knew that Swallow had a collab with The Goods Dept.? (Btw the design was very familiar…)

No particular thing would happen on this year’s rainy season, I think. The same old sandals, same old Bandung streets and its traffic jams. Last year I also worked at an architecture consultant that I am in this year, so there’s no big differences.

Yesterday, though! I was kind of soaked with water because who would have thought the rain would fall at five o’clock when basically it’s the time for people to go home after work???? Luckily I always bring an umbrella (the one that Endah gave me years ago). Smart girl. Actually it’s my mom’s doing because she always insists her daughters to bring one even though the sun is blazing outside.

And finally, after weeks and months of driving a car by myself, or using the online ojek services, I got to taste the feeling of using angkot again! Soooo funnnnnn.

It took two hours to finally arrive at home.


But I truly, truly love using angkot. We can sit and rest and let the driver doing the thing. I am a regular angkot customer for 20 years until the online ojek services took over the industry haha (it shouldn’t be a haha). Loving it except the driver’s sweet lies, the waiting-for-the-customers-to-fill-the-space-until-God-knows-when, and the cigarette smokes.

Oh! This year is the year I learned how to drive, so I really look forward to driving through the rainfall. You can picture me panicking which side of the stick I should move to wipe the windscreen. Not quite a romantic scene, apparently.

K now let’s prepare for the extra clothing and spare jeans just in case it’s raining in the morning next week (i love morning rain).

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  • I love rainy season. I love cold weather in the morning so I can use my fav coat or sweater (but sometimes I feel cuddling on my bed is the best. haha). Especially the cold weather in Sunday morning. Whoooaaaa! I remember catching fish with my friends after raining when I was a child. Lovely. For me, rainy season is not always bring melancholy atmosphere. I feel calm because of the cold weather. Hehe.. Welcome late-rainy-season…

    • My fellow rain person! Catching fish after the rain must be fun! Agreed, it’s not always about melancholic thoughts, sometimes it’s about getting soaked and deciding to play under it instead.

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