Identity Crisis


Actually I just have a lot of interests.

Like sooooo many! Sometimes all of them tried to catch my attention all at once and I ended up doing nothing.

If I can name some of them, they would be: literature, design, art, fashion, cinematography, swimming. I even took an online coding lesson yesterday because I was curious and felt challenged to design a website since those Friendster days. To be honest, I’m sorry if this sounds embarrassing , I consider myself as a jack of all trades but quite good at it haha. OKAY PLEASE PRETEND YOU DIDN’T JUST READ THAT.

The problem is that each of these interesting subjects would generate a different persona on me and sometimes I got confused because of that. The Caca in literature period is a melancholic and mysterious Caca; quite the same when she’s on her cinematography mode. The Blogger Caca is an oversharing and friendly one (I think). Just thinking of the two persona between my interest in lit and blogging, both are very paradoxical.

I hope I didn’t go too far by seeing this as a persona rather than just a mood because it’s more than that.

Who am I actually? Which persona am I actually? Why am I so inconsistent?

To make it more understandable, those of you who have watched The Perfect Date on Netflix, it’s like Brooks Rattigan going on an each different paid date. That’s kind of the concept (but I mean with different background and reason, of course) (Also you know what, I prefer Centineo in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before!!!)

The Perfect Date

Anyway, to think of it again…. perhaps I shouldn’t concern too much about choosing which persona I fit better in.

Perhaps all those personas are what made me, me.

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