I went to the Schwerin Schloss in Germany just two days ago as part of my unplanned summer Eurotrip. I have to say that ever since I’m in the UK, I have no interest to visit castle and other glorious palaces. While I’m here in Germany, though, since there was an opportunity to go there with my friend and her friends, I did visit one.

The palace was so magnificent. It’s so beautiful and unreal. It’s something out of reach yet very familiar since we were exposed to those kind of visuals ever since Disney decided to make movies about princesses.

It’s crazy how wealthy people were too wealthy they entitled to build a huge palace just for themselves. On top of that, they were very narcisstic they put dozens of paintings and sculptures of themselves and their palace. Hundreds of maids served them, gardeneres mowed their grass, people paid taxes to them because they were the landlords. Imagine it. Imagine it while you internalised these pictures;

I know, I know. Imagine sitting by the windows while gazing out to a vast landscape, reading philosophical literatures by the philosophers whose the sculptures of their busts were displayed on top of your five metres bookshelves. A dream.

But imagine how far you would be from the reality that existed far across the land. Imagine how entitled you could be to live like that while people could not even afford to eat, and you could not possibly realise that because you’re just so high in the cloud. You might think people live well enough because, well! How come people could not afford to eat! They just have to work hard like you!

Thanks but no thanks. Does not hinder the fact that the palace was beautiful, though. Thanks to the artists and the interior designers.

I was thinking if maybe in the future they would turn modern ‘palaces’ of the current rich people into museums? I don’t know. Not until there is any coup d’etat or something like that.