The inability to focus has been a hot topic among the late-twenties these days. ‘I used to finish a book in a day,’ ‘I used to enjoy watching Korean dramas,’ We ask, we answer, and discuss, without really figuring out the root cause because things are different for people.

My friend deliberately explain that this happened because our IQ has been degrading since the start of the pandemic, in other words; we got dumber each day. In which I replied with a nod. My argument was because I have experienced two horrible covid-19 episodes and research shows that this virus has got to do with cognitive functions or something. One of my friends argues that this was because the avid development of digital world compels us to be more familiar with contents that only required short span of attention. I think they all make sense.

For me, it means that I switch from one task to another more often than I used to. I rarely finish one thing before I move on to another. It makes me feel that I don’t have any ability to finish even one task at hand–an awful feeling. If I was not in a stable mental condition, I would then go down the rabbit hole and find myself questioning my existence. I’m sure it’s not only happened to me.

This post is not about overcoming the phenomenon, if there’s any. This is a conscious acknowledgement that it exists, that our brain might work differently right now versus two years ago. Perhaps also as a gesture to consider when we started questioning about ourselves again. And a reminder to make sure that you’re not alone in this journey.