I’ve been very fascinated recently by the Lighting & Daylighting course I take for my master’s degree, even though I’m far from comprehensively understood about this subject. The way they deliver the course, starting from the ‘history of the sun’, how people had been innovating buildings and humans health based on sunlight since the start of the world’s society. My professor gave us a book titled ‘The Light Revolution’ by Richard Hobday PhD months ago. It’s been ages since I have reading as my hobby, to be honest, and starting this master degree journey kind of slaps me in the face. I started, nevertheless.

I haven’t finished the book yet. I’m the type of switching books in the middle of it! Okay, enough TMI. I found these sentences along the way:

“The latest research suggests that when the sun is out we should be outside too getting enough of its brightness to reset our biological clocks, and enough of its rays on our skin to build up our reserves of Vitamin D. Then, when the sun disappears below the horizon, so should we. Or, at least, we should be seeking darkness and avoiding bright light if we want to stay healthy.”

Richard Hobday, PhD

I immediately think of the Quran verses about how God creates day and night and it’s there for human to be pondered about. These verses about day and night has been replaying inside my head ever since I put my feet on the London’s ground. So I searched the exact phrase of the verse;

“Do they not notice that We have made it night so that they may rest in it and day to light? Indeed, in this there are signs (of God’s power) for those who believe.”

QS An-Naml: 86

“He is the one who made the night for you so that you may rest on it and (made) the day bright (so that you may seek God’s grace). Indeed, in this there are signs (of Allah’s power) for those who hear.”

QS Yunus: 67

‘For those who believe’, ‘for those who hear’. What I can conclude from these verses and how they connect to today’s research is that believing in a faith is not a passive act. Believing is actively seeking for the truth. The phenomenon of day and night, if we think about it deeply, is very miraculous. Remember in the post about london sky? I told you about sun path etc., things I wouldn’t even think before… No one, except God, can create a system this complex yet easy enough to digest by every human with different intellectual level.

What right do humans have to be walking proudly on earth, while the knowledge that we have discovered in this long span of time is only like a drop of water from a vast ocean?

May God make us among people who think.

Sunset in London, 5 December 2021