Identity Crisis


Actually I just have a lot of interests.

Like sooooo many! Sometimes all of them tried to catch my attention all at once and I ended up doing nothing.

If I can name some of them, they would be: literature, design, art, fashion, cinematography, swimming. I even took an online coding lesson yesterday because I was curious and felt challenged to design a website since those Friendster days. To be honest, I’m sorry if this sounds embarrassing , I consider myself as a jack of all trades but quite good at it haha. OKAY PLEASE PRETEND YOU DIDN’T JUST READ THAT.

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A Day Full of Visual Pleasers

Jadiiii minggu lalu adalah minggu yang cukup padat buat saya. Nggak cuma weekdays, tapi weekends juga. Kali ini saya mau cerita tentang hari Kamis-nya dulu aja, deh.

Seperti biasa, jadwal kantor kalau ke Jakarta biasanya cuma satu hari pulang-pergi, karena emang deket juga dari Bandung, kan. Selain mengunjungi salah satu proyek yang ada di Bintaro, kami sekantor (baca: empat orang, tambah satu yang bantuin nyetir) memutuskan buat mengunjungi berbagai macam acara yang surprisingly banyak banget ternyata, ya, minggu kemarin itu. Kalau boleh disebut, semacam design trip, lah.

Prihal Arsitektur Andramatin

Acara pertama yang kami datangi adalah pameran karya arsitektur Andra Matin bertitel Prihal. Acara ini diselenggarakan di Galeri Nasional, sebrang Stasiun Gambir. Di sana kita bisa lihat perjalanan berkarya beliau selama kurang lebih 20 tahun (WOW).

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The Perks of Being an Interior Designer: Materials & Choices

As I write this I’m constantly thinking of my purpose in life and asking how does my everyday lives can be this boring?! You know, just a middle 20s common problem. I’m used to it now, to the point I wouldn’t get panic anymore. Things can get boring, of course! This is just a phase of life *inhale* *exhale*….right?

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Rainy Season is Here!

I have a new goal and I strongly believe I could be pretty consistent doing it. The goal is to regularly write a blog! Haha let’s see, though. More on that later! Oh also that is why I’m typing and publishing this post from my phone. Just to try out the app and trying to keep my promise to myself.

To the topic, the rainy season is finally here, guys! After weeks and weeks, months and months, we got the tan line because of the unbearable heat, and wondering where the H is the rainy season, we’re here. We’re here with umbrellas and raincoats. And lots of melancholic thoughts (it’s just me) (although I ALWAYS melancholically live my life regardless the season).

What people in London wear when it’s raining. (c) Acne Studios

What Indonesians wear when it’s raining. Haha not really, though?? Not this fancy! Also I just knew that Swallow had a collab with The Goods Dept.? (Btw the design was very familiar…)

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